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College Preparation

Our current board of elected directors consist of seven wonderful human beings, five of which graduated from the University of Connecticut. Our mission is to set free disadvantaged communities in Jamaica from indifference, lack of knowledge and opportunities. We strive to provide an environment conducive to the educational needs of children. A major factor to do so we believe is preparing teenagers for college. During their four years of high school, students have many teachers, coaches and role models. However, our focus is the entire picture of a student's high school career and bringing all the information together.

  • Help to plan a challenging course schedule.
  • Keep records of classes and grades.
  • Track graduation requirements.
  • Suggest which college admission tests to take and when to take them.
  • Connect students to information on various colleges, majors and careers. 
  • Recommend colleges to match academic profiles and career goals.
  • Advise on "safety," "probable" and "reach" colleges.
  • Make sure transcripts are sent to colleges.
  • Write letters of recommendation. 
  • Explain how aid awards and financial aid work, and connect students to local scholarship opportunities. 

LFM College casting training plays a critical role in helping students prepare for college. Your students rely on you to ensure that they are prepared for the college admission process. Your goal is to convince your students that college is within their grasp.

Course selection

College admission requirements are typically more stringent than high school graduation requirements. They often require a higher level of demonstrated competence in mathematics and science, and may even require a minimum number of years of foreign-language study. Make sure that all your students have the opportunity to participate in a college-prep academic program. Share with them what courses colleges expect to see on their transcripts.

In addition to course topics, it is important that you encourage all students to take the most rigorous and challenging courses suitable for their academic level. Successfully completing these courses — and doing well on the exams — demonstrates to colleges that students are capable of success at the college level.

One size does not fit all. Our focus is on you. That means a unique application plan that takes into account your desires, your strengths, and your dreams.

Families appreciate that we help applicants put their best foot forward, while still encouraging them to be themselves and pursue their true interests. Parents and students most often comment on the effectiveness of the College Coach college consultants in minimizing family stress, offering clarity, effectively organizing individual elements, helping students dig deeply to write the best possible essays, and adding significant value to the process.

Our current Executive Director Nollis Dewar has met with Susan Herbst and Montique Cotton Kelly at UCONN's annual alumni reunion in Los Angeles, CA. It is a blessing to have an amazing network such as the University of Connecticut. Past and current athletes have been a great help to our mission and has helped us every step of the way to reach our goals.  

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