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Genesis - LFM Clothing

Our first photo shoot for our LFM clothing was held  at two locations The L.A. Grand Hotel Downtown and the infmaous Runyon Canyon. It was a wonderful shoot with positive energy. The models used for this shoot was Tabitha Williams and Bradley Amaechi. Tabitha Williams flew in from Norway hours prior to the shoot and looked stunning as always. We completed the shoot within a few hours. We have known her for a very long time and we would rather no one else to begin our journey. After the shoot was wrapped we took a trip to site that the rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered to pay our respects.


Tabitha Williams, is a Harlem, NY native whose educational development was through New York City’s parochial school system. A love for education and the arts were two facets that both of her parents were determined to instill in their children. Her parents, recognized her artistic inclinations early, and enrolled her in the Dance Theatre of Harlem at the age of three. Through this opportunity Tabitha traveled both domestically and abroad.Tabitha’s first exposure to the makings of television occurred; when she was discovered and contracted as a child actor for Sesame Street. From her early education to the completion of her high school career, Tabitha would occasionally work in television. Tabitha is no stranger to hard work and she’s dedicated to getting the job done.

After earning her B.A. from the University of Connecticut, Tabitha returned to New York City in pursuit of a modeling career. Having received multiple offers she signed with 3 different modeling agencies. Ready to embark on a new task, Tabitha observed how web broadcast was making an impact on media. She began to work with an online publication site as the female co-host: conducting, their music and pop culture related interviews. Tabitha excelled in this position, becoming their lead correspondent after one year. Her inquisitive nature and love of people allowed her to speak to anyone. Her interview catalog consists of the “who’s who” of the music industry and the Food and Wine realm to introducing the world to the musical stars of tomorrow.

Tabitha has partnered with various charities to assist in their fundraising efforts and to bring awareness to their causes. When Tabitha is not working and traveling, she mentors youth and works on learning new languages. She remains
true to her belief that through prayer, determination and hard work, all your dreams are possible.


Bradley Amaechi